"I am no Koala. I am not lazy, I don't need any special food - so nobody is talking about me. Stupid humans!"

Cooking without Koala meat - at least once a week!

"Don't click that Koala! He also does not click YOU! - I said: Don't click! You go to hell !!!"

Welcome to the one and only
"Save the lazy Koala"


Mr. K. O. Ala, Koala Research Team Madrid: "For 25 Years we were searching the Koala in entire Spain."

"Hello! Any Koalas out there? Do you see any Koalas, Pete?" "No K. O.!" "So lets try it some hundred feet higher, Pete!"

"Do you know that Koalas are born in a bag?" "You are stupid, nobody is born in a bag!"

"Save the Humans! Each day 300.000 of them must die. terrible!!"